Incredibly awesome events

Exceptional × unforgettable.

Why settle for just something special when you can create something exceptional and unforgettable? We are and we strive to deliver events that are truly mind-blowing. Our goal is for everyone to think: “Wow, that was so amazing, we’ll still be talking about it in a few years.”

Our winning combination: surprise and souplesse. Surprise, because we want to amaze you with a highly creative concept. Souplesse, because we create an extremely smooth process. No hassle, and we pay attention to every detail.

Let’s make it happen
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Surprise × souplesse

Masters in creativity

If you think you’ve seen it all, then we have a concept that will blow you away. We’re pulling out all the stops to create something spectacular. Nothing is too crazy!

Super specialists

We are those cobblers who stick to their last. By doing the same thing for a very long time, it becomes incredibly good by itself. We don’t involve ourselves in organizational change, but we simply organize incredibly cool events!

We’ll make it happen!

We’ll make it happen! You can trust us with your event 100%. We are realistic and honest. We’ll handle it, and if something truly can’t be done, we’ll find a solution.

We really had a very good event. Flawless. Things also went well in the production and executive stages. In fact, we had a top production!
– Renee Bruyn
Staff member at Incentro
The value of Eventbureau extends beyond simply organizing events; they strive to transform every event into a unique experience for the organizer. Their success lies in their focus on the objectives and their infectious enthusiasm for what they achieve
– Dave Maasland
CEO at ESET Nederland is a thoughtful, creative, and reliable partner. We have executed two major events with them, exceeding our expectations in every way. From stunning party tents and incredible catering to surprising entertainment acts, interactive games, and Alfen Knights and Princesses, has delivered it all, right on our own premises. The well-crafted after-movies have captured our beautiful memories of these events.
– Ezra Dasberg​​​​
Staff member at Alfen