Online events

Virtueel × engagement

Those were some crazy times when everyone was stuck at home. Thankfully, that’s a thing of the past. However, it turns out that online events have their advantages – if you know how to do them right. At Eventbureau, we know how to infuse online events with flexibility and an element of surprise, ensuring that you make a real impact in the virtual world.

Simply sitting in front of your screen and reading a PowerPoint presentation won’t truly inspire your audience. If you want to make an impact, a well-thought-out strategy and a solid online concept are required. Only then will you be able to captivate your audience. We know how to do that. With your brand as our guide and the right online tools in our toolbox, we’ll create an unforgettable online event. A key element: FUN!

Which type of online event should you choose?

At the core, you can choose between two types of online events:

The hybrid version. In this case, an audience is also present at a physical location. We engage the online audience through quizzes, polls, and by encouraging them to ask questions.

The livestream. This format is purely online. We create a real “television show” experience. Set in a studio, complete with bumpers and lead-ins, and featuring engaging guests who know how to tell their stories effectively.

Whichever option you choose, we ensure optimal preparation in terms of script, location, content, and of course, technology. After all, you always want to avoid an online event with a poor connection.

The value of Eventbureau extends beyond simply organizing events; they strive to transform every event into a unique experience for the organizer. Their success lies in their focus on the objectives and their infectious enthusiasm for what they achieve
– Dave Maasland
CEO at ESET Nederland

Online, the Devil is in the Details

At an online event, it’s even more about the little things than at an offline one: on a screen, everything appears magnified. A strange expression, an improper camera movement, or an awkward transition due to poor rehearsal: everything is multiplied by 10. That’s why we prepare an online event down to the smallest details. We start with the content and choose a format that fits like a glove.

Not Everything Needs to Be Online

How delightful would it be for your guests to receive something tangible during the online event? Consider a lunch or snack box, a card, or a gadget. Show them appreciation and compliments. These are the extras that make a difference and ensure your audience truly engages. This is what makes an online event truly unforgettable.