85th Anniversary Celebration


We have developed a unique concept for Alfen, which celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2022. As the center of the electricity grid, the company is growing rapidly. To thank the employees for their hard work and reconnect them with each other, Eventbureau.nl created an unforgettable experience.

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The pavilion where the event took place was equipped with a spectacular alien canopy, beautiful interior, and top-notch entertainment. The result was “Feel the Connection!” With this concept, it was impossible not to get to know new colleagues. The event was highly appreciated with a rating of 8.5. A great achievement!

Eventbureau.nl is a thoughtful, creative, and reliable partner. We have executed two major events with them, exceeding our expectations in every way. From stunning party tents and incredible catering to surprising entertainment acts, interactive games, and Alfen Knights and Princesses, Eventbureau.nl has delivered it all, right on our own premises. The well-crafted after-movies have captured our beautiful memories of these events.
– Ezra Dasberg​​​​
Staff member at Alfen

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