World of Incentro

Incentro organized the annual event “World of Incentro” for Incentro. It was a unique live event that couldn’t have taken place a week later due to the measures in place.

We created a unique circular setup in the Submarine hall. The program consisted of various elements full of inspiration, information, and surprises. Guests were provided with headphones so that multiple presentations by speakers could take place simultaneously, and guests could turn their chairs towards the correct stage. To top it off, an enormous Showkorps served as the grand finale.

We really had a very good event. Flawless. Things also went well in the production and executive stages. In fact, we had a top production!
– Renee Bruyn
Staff member at Incentro

Not only was the setup surprising, but the catering was also unique; the entire offering was vegan! Here is the response from our client:

“We had a really good event. Flawless. The production and execution phases went well too. In fact, we had a top-notch production. Fortunately, I’m used to a lot, and is also very detail-oriented. So it was a perfect mix & match. During the execution, you can see that Bart is really on top of everything. Nothing was too much, and any stress moments that always come up during an event were immediately resolved.”

That leaves us wanting more!

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