Product laungh

Surprise × enjoy

Staying up all night, tension, tears, and then it’s there: the new product. How you share it with your inner circle is essential for a successful “drop” to the outside world. We are happy to use our flexibility and surprise to create a mega-launch for you.

It all starts with a fabulous concept. At a product presentation, you want Apple and Tesla vibes, where your audience is already talking about it beforehand and eagerly queuing up. We know how to create that atmosphere and experience. The secret sauce? Aligning very precisely with your brand and company, and then surprising.

Love for the product

Love for the product? Perhaps it’s more about passion. That’s what we want your customers, relations, and employees to feel. Because they’re the ones who will really make the product and your story big. That’s why our goal is to ignite that passion as much as possible. Step by step, we seduce them until there’s no escaping it.

The location for your product presentation

Of course, the new product deserves a top-notch location to make its debut. A place that arouses curiosity, fits your company, and makes your guests eager to be there. We know the gems both domestically and abroad and help you choose a place to remember.