Laungh events

Start × fabulous

Get ready for the launch! It’s time to cut the ribbon and welcome the public. Months of preparation can now be admired. With a spectacular event and seamless marketing support, Eventbureau ensures that your new store or commercial property becomes the talk of the town.

An opening like that can be a huge stress-inducing moment, right? But what if you could just chat with your guests and enjoy a drink while everything is taken care of for you? That’s exactly what Event Agency does for you. We pay close attention to your brand and company, ensuring the opening is a perfect fit. Not a single cloud on the horizon.

Making a Splash with an business laungh

Clichés – we don’t care for them at Eventbureau. Our goal: to truly astonish your guests with an incredible event. An opening with a story that they’ll still be talking about a year later, saying to each other: if I ever host an opening, I want it to be like that. We pull out all the stops and tap into our creativity to organize that fabulous event.

With Great Finesse

Catering, entertainment, speakers, decor, hostesses, security, first aid, lighting and sound, and printed materials: there are so many aspects to consider when planning an opening event. It’s almost like a wedding. And organizing every detail flawlessly is precisely what we excel at. So sit back and let us effortlessly handle the work for you!