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How do other organizations handle this? Am I the only one with this problem? I don’t know where to start. In this time when we are still largely physically separated from each other, knowledge sharing is more important than ever. Continuously learning and developing is the only way to stay ahead with your organization. Together with our client ESET Netherlands, the creative team of designed an online event with a clearer purpose than ever: Learning.

The theme for ESET Security Days 2020 was “Learn from the Best.” While the event was held live the previous year, the online edition had a stronger program than ever before. Through masterclasses, experts in their fields provided insights, directions, tips, and tricks to inspire IT and security professionals in the Netherlands. Cybersecurity companies, vital infrastructure, and international keynote speakers were all featured in this edition of the ESET Masterclass. As a result, there was a 100% increase in visitors compared to the live edition in 2019, a huge boost in positioning, and a significant number of actions to call!

Looking forward to the online edition in 2021!

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