Employee Parties

Party × culture

They’ve been around for a long time and are one of the most popular events for businesses: the staff party. Whether it’s an anniversary celebration or a thank you to the employees, you’re going to organize an unforgettable staff party. A successful staff party is held at an off-site location or on your own premises. If you choose to host it on your own grounds, not only will the employees find it special, but the Tax Authority will also appreciate it so much that most of the costs remain untaxed and fall outside the scope of the work-related expenses scheme. In this case, we believe the Tax Authority has actually made it more enjoyable for everyone involved!

Staff party = company culture party

What you truly celebrate at a company party is the organization you belong to and the culture that you all create together. Colleagues feel proud, they sense the group’s vibe, and they draw energy from the atmosphere. That feeling is exactly what you want to reinforce. We are eager to use our extensive experience to create the ambiance that perfectly suits your company.

The staff party kicks off bright and early

Months in advance, as employees receive the save-the-date, the anticipation starts to build. Expectations rise, and the excitement begins. We have extensive experience in managing this entire process and will help your organization deliver the right message to your employees at the perfect moment. Witness the seamless blend of surprise and flexibility in action.

The value of Eventbureau extends beyond simply organizing events; they strive to transform every event into a unique experience for the organizer. Their success lies in their focus on the objectives and their infectious enthusiasm for what they achieve
– Dave Maasland
CEO at ESET Nederland

Company Party Like It’s 1999

Why settle for good when you can strive for excellence? Because that’s what we want – a staff party that nobody will ever forget. For “a day to remember,” we’ll provide top-notch catering, fantastic entertainment, great speakers, and of course, a fabulous location. In terms of decoration, we’ll include small surprises, fun gadgets, and playful references to the theme and the company. This way, the staff party becomes a story that your employees will talk about for a long time.