100th anniversary celebration

Het Advocatenblad

For a 100-year anniversary of the Advocatenblad, a fantastic congress is naturally in order. However, it’s not simply a matter of putting various speakers behind a lectern and having them reflect on the past years. We have a different approach! Eventbureau.nl has developed a spectacular gathering at the Spant! theater in Bussum.

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Presenter Elsemieke Havenga welcomed some special guests to the table of “De Wereld Draait Door” who engaged in a discussion on the current business model in the legal profession, digitization, and the phenomenon of review sites. In addition to the plenary session, there was also room for personal development. Attendees could choose from a number of masterclasses, covering topics such as communication skills.

Finally, the “Parel van de Balie” award was presented to Tjalling van de Groot, the election for the role model in the legal profession. The result? 500 lawyers who sat on the edge of their seats, animatedly and interactively discussing the various topics. With a rating of a solid 8, we look back on a top-notch conference. Experience the difference!

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